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World Fertility Day: Breaking Taboos and Embracing Awareness Worldwide

World Fertility Day, which takes place on 2 November each year, holds immense importance due to the significant impact it has on raising awareness about fertility issues

The co-founders of IVFbabble, Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall Page, felt an intense passion for creating global awareness because they personally experienced the challenges and emotional turmoil associated with infertility. They approached Louise Brown, the World’s First Born through IVF, about creating an awareness day who was so supportive, agreeing to be the Ambassador.

Infertility affects a staggering number of individuals and couples worldwide, with approximately 1 in 6 people experiencing fertility issues. Despite its prevalence, there is often a lack of public understanding and support surrounding this topic. Many individuals suffer in silence, feeling isolated and misunderstood.

Tracey and Sara recognized this immense need for change and felt a deep empathy for those facing fertility challenges. Their own personal journeys highlighted the emotional rollercoaster, the financial strain, and the societal pressure that often accompanies infertility. They understood firsthand the importance of support, knowledge, and breaking down the stigma associated with this topic.

Motivated by their own fertility struggles, they channeled their passion into creating World Fertility Day

This global initiative provides a platform to discuss and address the issues surrounding infertility openly. By raising awareness, the awareness day aims to empower individuals and couples to seek help, find support, and access the resources available to them.

Tracey and Sara’s deep understanding of the emotional and physical toll of infertility fuels their drive to create a world where fertility issues are understood, accepted, and supported. Their dedication to global awareness stems from a genuine desire to make a difference and ensure that no one feels alone in their fertility journey.

Through World Fertility Day, the aim is to break down societal barriers, challenge the misconceptions surrounding infertility, and foster a sense of community and understanding. By encouraging open dialogue, they provide a safe space for individuals to share their stories, find support, and access the information they need to navigate the complexities of infertility.

Their passion lies in empowering individuals and couples to advocate for their own fertility needs, while also educating society about the challenges faced by those experiencing infertility. By creating global awareness, Tracey Bambrough and Sara Marshall Page hope to change the narrative surrounding fertility and ultimately provide hope, support, and understanding to millions of people worldwide.

Tracey Bambrough says “World Fertility Day has gained incredible support growing year on year with more and more people around the world embracing this awareness day to break taboos surrounding fertility. It is truly incredible how an idea to make a difference has grown into such a powerful movement. We couldn’t be happier with the impact it is making and the incredible global charities joining force to empower, educate and support the TTC community around the world.”

Sara says “Along with experts at hand to answer any questions you may have, this year we are so excited to be able to give away our 33rd free IVF announcing details on World Fertility Day! Just a few weeks ago the winner of our 32nd IVF giveaway gave birth to her much yearned for son, with huge thanks to the incredible generosity of Vios Fertility in the US.”

Join us on 2 November to unite for global awareness #WorldFertilityDay

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